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Mean People SUCK: especially educators

i am tired. TIRED of children being the victims of heinous crimes in this world.  WTF is wrong with people??? For centuries, no, MILLENIA, children have been abused and treated poorly and many look the other way.  To be sure, children in America and other Western civilizations lead better lives than many.  I think Oprah said something like to be born a girl in the US is to be the luckiest girl in the world.  Something like that.

But. yet.  Here we are in 2012 for Pete’s sake and some of the biggest stories going around are scandals involving innocent children.  There’s very very bad juju coming out of Penn State.  I don’t wanna discuss that here.  Those who were involved or covered it up either by commission or or omission will get theirs. Now or in the end.  Priests too.  This has been going on for centuries. It’s the joke of the Catholic church.  Everyone knows it happens;  looks the other way.  Again, they’ll get theirs.

An additional frustration? Educators. Educators choose their careers because they want to make difference in children’s lives.  Educators are called, not chosen.  It’s a gift to be able to deal with someone else’s child for many hours a day. And as a former educator, I understand  it’s not a task to take lightly. That is why I get so angry when I hear of educators abusing children: why abuse a child? If you don’t like kids,  get out of the career and do something different.

Let me point you in the direction of Dr. Madden. You see, Madden was a high school principal at Oxford Area High School. To be sure, teaching high school is DIFFICULT and working with special needs high schoolers takes patience, something it seems, that Madden LACKS.  According to news sources, Madden sent disparaging text messages and emails to his colleagues about certain students.  And he was found out. Clearly, Madden is frustrated with working with special needs students, but creating a hostile environment and talking negatively about minors is not the proper way to channel your frustrations.  He should have kept those thoughts to himself or gotten some therapy. What you are, Mr. Madden is an ass.

And an ass is the opposite of what an educator is supposed to be.  Educators are supposed to make a positive difference in a child’s life, not a negative one. Educators are supposed to help, not hinder.   Special needs students need extra support, not extra harassment; they’re going to get enough of that for the rest of their lives in the outside world.  Shouldn’t school be another safe haven for them? Educators should act as de facto parents (meaning, as a matter of course) while the children are in school: helping to guide and protect and teach children while they’re away from their parents.  Educators should not spew hate and revile students in their care: that’s not a parent does. But that is exactly what Dr. Madden  has done.

Madden has tainted Oxford Area School district so horribly that the director of Special Education resigned!  Doesn’t that send a clear signal that the school district is not open to building positive experiences for the kids in their care? (sigh) It does to me.  And maybe to many other parents.

So I ask the question again: WTF is wrong with people??? You don’t have enough bad things going on in your life that you hafta ruin the life of a helpless child? A special needs child?? I rarely talk religion but I know there’s a special place in Hell reserved for these kinds of people.  And like I said earlier, they’ll get theirs, sooner or later. If your life sucks, do something about it, but don’t take it out on another person. Especially a child.

So for now? Dr. Madden is suspended and the Special Education director is gone.  One good, one bad.  Who is going to help these children?

I have a message for people who hurt children.  You’re an ass (and irrelevant).

Don’t be one of these.






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