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Aruba is for Foodies

I had the absolute good fortune to go to Aruba on vacation!

It’s a total paradise and no wonder they call it

One Happy Island!

The Man and Pumpkin consider themselves Foodies so I took lots of pictures of what we ate.

Wanna see?

See? Aruba is for Foodies!

Not only did we eat out at yummy restaurants,

we also went to the local supermarket to buy local foods

to keep on hand in our villa.

Take a look:

See anything that looks familiar? Anything that looks peculiar? Yeah, me too.

Aruba was so much fun, well, mostly in the eating department.  We ate A LOT of fish but as you can see from the photo, we ate some food that was stuff we were used to eating at home, like lasagna and chicken alfredo, but we also ate lots of fresh caught fish, like wahoo and red snapper. We each enjoyed one particular restaurant: Pumpkin loves Iguana Joe’s, which is a Mexican food type of place right across the street from the ocean.  You eat outside and watch the bustling downtown Oranjestad and the tourists shopping. Hot, but fun.

The Man favored a place this year called Hadicurari.  Usually it’s MY fave place to eat but this year he partook of the Fish BBQ, which sounds nasty, but it was really more like a fish grill.  There were several different fish being freshly grilled on a large BBQ grill for customers to choose and enjoy.  And boy did he!  Another place we all enjoyed was Barney’s restaurant.  It was quirky and contained books and odd kitschy stuff that when put together gave a unique fun vibe.  It was Tuesday when we were there, so it was schnitzel day of course.  The Man chose from 3 different types of schnitzel.  And guess what? The customers speak to each other!

So…had a relaxing time in Aruba.  Can’t wait to go back again.  Where’s your fave vacation spot?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

2 comments to Aruba is for Foodies

  • What an assortment–I’m hoping the bottom-right photo is food FOR dogs & cats, and not made OF them!

    I haven’t been on enough vacations to have a favorite, but I do like going to North Jersey to hang out in a small town with my relatives. There’s lots to do but it’s also fun to just hang out on the patio my uncle constructed. (He’s also a good drink mixer.)
    Kate P´s last blog post ..I Ask You. . .

  • i hope so too, Kate. I’ve never been to North Jersey but anyplace that involves lounging around sounds AWESOME!