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Vacation Fashion

I’m so excited that pretty soon I will be going on VACATION!! Aruba is the place I love to go. It helps me to relax, unwind, and catch my breath. There’s nothing like laying on a cot, underneath a palapa, reading a book, and sipping a frozen drink!

One of the problems with traveling, however, is deciding what to wear and then fitting it all in your suitcase. And speaking of suitcases, don’t you hate waiting at the luggage carousel hoping and praying that your luggage isn’t lost? Or how about running to grab your suitcase only to discover that your black case looks like everyone elses?

I saw this case at Marshall’s recently and knew that if I had this case, I could spot it from anywhere:

I didn’t get it, of course, but there are two smart things about this case:

  1. its got those great four wheels that all turn, helps keep you moving while running to catch your plane
  2. its so bright colored and loud that you will always know where it is!

So. Now we have our case picked out, let’s look at a few outfits, courtesy of polyvore and my Pumpkin.

Vacation Aruba

These outfits are great because it means less packing: one dress for each day and one pair of shoes equals more room for shopping! Plus, in Aruba, I HAFTA wear a hat and sunglasses because the sun is so strong it is easy to get sunburn. Real easy.  Trust me.

So…are you going on vacation? What are you wearing?

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