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Who me, fashion?

It’s been a minute since I’ve written about fashion, and now that it’s busy season I’m going to all kinds of partays and things and generally being drunk dressed nice. Here’s a peek into some of the things I’ve been wearing or shopping with or shopping for lately.

Here’s a cute little clutch for day I considered buying.

i love the bow, but i’m not much of a bow-ey gal.

Here’s what i bought:

i like it. Splash a color and all…

Here’s me and #1 son at a very beautiful and shi shi apartment on Rittenhouse Square

Turns out it was cold that day and the lovely short sleeved peach sweater i bought for this function would not work. So back to black.

Then came the real problem the next day (cue scary music)…

Here’s a pic of me and The Man at the bar mitzvah.  Outdoor tent and it’s chilly outside so the outfit i had planed totally wouldnt work. Turns out? Black is good. With a splash of color.

Then, I went to a function with my fun Philly Social Media Ladies and the great and lovely Joey Fortman.  We had a fun time at Free Reign Boutique sampling yummies and buying things First World people often buy: tchokes and bras. But good bras they are!

The stuff i’m holding there? Poo Purrie. Its for the loo…

And finally, TOMORROW is my first modeling gig ever. EVAH!

I’ll be stumbling strutting the runway for the Mainline Parent’s Mom Night Out event.  Wish me luck, I’ll made up and dressed up and trussed up in beautiful clothes!

I do hope I don’t trip and fall.

Think Jerry Lewis in heels. For them that are too young for Jerry Lewis, think Jim Carrey in braces and heels.

Lots of falling but fun!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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