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Hunger: Looks can be deceiving

If you’ve ever met me or seen photos of my kids or me, what would you see?  Would  you see the face of someone who is hungry? The face of someone who has been on welfare or used food stamps?  If you guessed NO WAY you’d be wrong.

Here’s a pic circa 2003

There was a time in a not so distant past, that I was a single mother.  I struggled to make ends meet.  I had two small children: 3 and 8.  I worked hard and tried my best, but just couldn’t make ends meet.  I struggled to put food on the table.  We ate lots of pbj sandwiches made from white bread that we purchased at the bread store (you could get 3 loves of bread for something like $.50) and my kids were on the lunch program at school.  I vowed to never let my kids go hungry. And they didn’t to be sure, some of the foodstuffs we could afford were not the healthiest: pbj and generic mac n cheese (and if i was lucky some ground meat mixed in) stretched to last for days.  While on food stamps I was forced to attend nutrition counseling, which seemed ironic, seeing as I had a degree and knew what to feed my kids; I just COULDN’T AFFORD IT.

If it weren’t for food stamps and WIC, #1 son and Pumpkin wouldn’t have had orange juice, fresh fruit, and meat.  Without these supplemental means my kids might have gone hungry.  To be sure, I would walk the streets if it meant feeding my kids, but fortunately, it never came down to that.  Things turned around for me eventually.

But some families are not so lucky.

Some children go hungry.

And that pisses me off to no end.

Here’s something to think about:

Did you see that first statistic? 1 out of 5 children is hungry. That means that in a classroom of 20 children, 4 are hungry.

The powers that be in DC are cutting spending on these nutritional programs that feed millions (MILLIONS) of children. Read this excerpt:

That is why I’ve partnered with other like minded parents and Help Share our Strength® to remind Congress that you can’t cut nutritional programs that feed millions of children. This is food we are talking about. A basic necessity to survival.  Food feeds children.  Children grow up to be adults who work, drive, and vote in our community.  Children who don’t eat, don’t grow up.  Or they grow up unhealthy, causing an economic burden on society and our healthcare system.

Why does Congress think there are so many overweight or diabetic children?

Cuz those kids are eating junk because their caregivers can’t afford fresh fruits and veggies. And with these cuts, they’ll be able to afford LESS.

Isn’t time we started valuing our children by giving them an opportunity to eat healthy?

Here’s what you can do.

Support the Farm Bill and No Kid Hungry® by visiting http://nokidhungry.org/farmbill to send a message to Congress, share your story or
make a pledge.

Looks can be deceiving; not all hungry children live in the inner city.  There are hungry kids of hard working parents everywhere.

Let’s stop that.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

4 comments to Hunger: Looks can be deceiving

  • Great post Pam! We found out years later that when my kids were little we were eligible for all sorts of assistance, we just didn’t realize it! DUMB HUH? But we were lucky, we made it, because we were survivors and damn hard workers (if I do say so myself!)So the next time you see a blogger at conference stop and think, that woman standing in line for cheese or using food stamps could have been me… or Pam… or any number of your other friends. Needing assistance doesn’t make you a poor person, it just means you’re at a tough point in your life and everything that can go wrong has (all at the same time!) Call your senators and congressmen/women… help out today’s Pam, today’s Nancy… today’s XYZ, and most important, help their children. No one’s child should starve in the face of all the bounty in the USA.
    Nancy´s last blog post ..5 Facts About Hunger: And Hunger Could Be Coming To A Home Near You

  • I LIKE IT: no one’s child should starve in the face of all the bounty of the USA. RIGHT ON!!

  • There really is no excuse for hunger. Our government has spent $500. on toilet seats! Imagine how many children that one toilet seat at that price could feed (even if it was PB&J and carrot sticks and milk). We have extra farmland we pay farmers NOT to farm. We send food and $$ overseas. I’m not saying we shouldn’t help other countries, where often the starvation is beyond belief, but I am a strong believer in solving our own problems first then helping others work to solve theirs. Those are OUR $$ the government is spending, I want a bigger say in where that money is going. I want it going to feed our children not buying more guns to wage war, other people’s wars. JMHO! Sorry to hijack your post!
    Nancy´s last blog post ..5 Facts About Hunger: And Hunger Could Be Coming To A Home Near You