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Conference Season Fashion – #BEA

Many bloggers are gearing up for conference season. Bloggy Bootcamp Philly and the SITS Girls has already visited the city of brotherly love and many of my PSMM and GLO friends have  traveled out of town and out of state (whoa!) to attend conferences. While conferences are sure to be alot of fun networking and learning new things, I think it’s important to dress your best and make a good first impression.

Whether you get fully dressed up or dressy casual is up to you. My big conference this year is Book Expo America (BEA), held in conjunction with BlogWorld.  I’m attending as a book blogger and also representing the book store I work at so I want to look as professional as I can.  Here are a few looks that I think I might work, courtesy of polyvore and my Pumpkin.

Here’s a very dressy daytime outfit that would certainly make a great first impression.

PammyPam hits New York

I love how my daughter picked this outfit for me. She knows I love to wear darks and neutrals (see this post here) so she paired up a great outfit that clearly says PammyPam! I’m pretty sure if I hit the streets of Gotham with that outfit I would fit right in as a native, non? There was a time in the 90s when all I wore was suits like this every day. Times have sure changed!

The next conference outfit Pumpkin put together for me is more of a dressy casual look.

Pammypam style

I love white pantsuits and wore one to #1 son’s graduation a few years ago. I think a white linen suit makes a great statement.  Too bad I cant fit into that white suit anymore! The suit in this outfit would be great to mix with a blouse or a shell and a cardigan as in the picture.  Can’t forget my Clinique makeup to keep me looking fresh and young!

Speaking of parties, often conferences are followed in the evening by parties.  If you know anything about me you know I LOVE a party! Here’s a cocktail outfit idea that might work.

Cocktail hour

I love how she threw in a colored clutch to offset the LBD that she knows I hafta wear.  This outfit is spot on perfect for me!

And speaking of parties, here are some pics of some of my friends and me at a Girls Lunch Out event the night before the big SITS Girls Bloggy Bootcamp Philly.

Have you been to a conference? What did/will you wear?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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