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Books, Shopping, and Parties – #PSMM Style

You may wonder what PammyPam does when she’s not ranting here on this blog.  It’s simple, I’m either working, partying, shopping, drinking coffee, selling books, reading books, saving the world, attending a workshop, etc.

Thanks to my clever friends at Philly Social Media Moms (PSMM) I stay busy saving the planet and making wonderfully supportive friends.  Did I mention I was a model? What? You didn’t hear (rolling eyes)? That, my friends is another story.  Anyway, back to saving the planet.

I’d like to tell you a little story.

One day in a kingdom far far away called Conshohocken, the beautiful and lovely Joey Fortman of Real Mom Media invited PSMM to attend a party with free grub nibbles from Pizzeria DiMeo’s  and wine! Since no one can say no to Joey’s whimpers requests, several of us social media courtiers rode in our chariots and arrived in the quaint hamlet of Conshocken at the shoppe called Free  Reign Boutique.  Inside Free Reign Boutique, the courtiers were greeted by a handsome young squire  and the lovely shoppekeeper who were pleased to share their boutique and the lovely trinkets and baubles within.

Once inside the shoppe the social media mavens chatted, oohed and ahhed at the unique baubles, nibbled on appetizers, and shopped for never before seen items.

Fair PammyPam gleefully discovered a bottle of Poo Pourri, which makes the toidy free from noxious odors!

Other lovelies purchased jewelry, children’s books, handbags, foundation garments, and all manner of shiny trinkets.

The young squire slayed the dangerous fire breathing dragon and the lovely young social media courtesans ascended their magic chariots and departed the magical world of Conshohocken bidding the sweet Joey Fortman and BenFM adieu.  They dreamt of properly fitting Coobies and vowed to return to the lovely boutique in the future.   And they all lived happily ever after, the end.

photo courtesy Free Reign Boutique

We’d like to thank Free Reign Boutique, Joey Fortman, and BenFM  for showing us a lovely time!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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