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Why did Picnik dump me?

I’ve been having a relationship with Picnik since 2010.

And early this spring he told me that we were through. To be sure, he gave me some warning that we were over. Told me to come get some whenever I wanted; Which I did, but on April 19th he was kicking me to the curb. For good. No more freebies. No more early morning quickies or late night playdates.

Picnik was dumping me and moving on.

I may have been dumped by Picnik, but we did have some good times together.  Wanna see?


Here’s a pic of my beloved cur, Bailey.  Isn’t he a sweetie?


And here’s a pic of #1 son. I was mourning the loss of this toddler as he graduated high school.  so i’m sensitive, do me something.

and a pic of me with a championship trophy that i almost touched (the man wouldn’t let me) at the Philadelphia Dog Show.  Hey look! I’m not wearing brown!!!

Goodbye Picnik, thanks for the lovin, schmoopie, I’ll remember you fondly.

Hey Johnny D (wink wink)!


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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