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Matzo Crack for Passover

Please forgive me for not posting this yesterday.  I was too drunk to post The day got away from me!

We celebrate many holidays in our house.  Any chance to eat sweets and drink wine is right up my alley. Today we celebrate Passover and Good Friday.  I rarely make sweets mostly because I stink at baking.  But I found a recipe that is so STINKING easy even I can’t screw it up!

iyampam matzo toffee

It’s called Matzo Toffee Brittle.  It goes by many other names, but from now on shall be called Matzo Crack because once you taste it, you can’t get enough of it; like crack.  I’ve never had crack, but whatever, right? I found this recipe on Pinterest and several other locations: The Smitten Kitchen, David Leibovitz, and Sassy Radish.

I’ll post my how to do here because I want to show how really super easy it is. I’m taking it to the seder tonight. I’m not sure it’ll last that long.

First the ingredients:

i forgot what i was doing ingredients






* A box of Matzos.  I used whole wheat but you could use plain.

* butter. I used about three half sticks (pre cut) but I think you could get by with less

* semi sweet chocolate chips

* sliced almonds (i crushed them)

* approx 1 cup brown sugar (I used light brown sugar cuz that’s what I had on hand)

i forgot what i was doing

* sea salt (I used Kosher salt because that’s what I already had on hand). Ignore the vanilla extract. The recipe totally doesn’t need it.


* parchment paper

* Aluminum foil

* large cookie sheet

* pot

* heat resistant spreader/spatula

Super stinking easy directions:

1. Heat oven to 275

2. cover cookie sheet with  aluminum foil first, covering up over the edges.

i forgot what i was doing

3.  place a layer of parchment paper over that aluminum foil. Makes clean up EASY PEASY!

4. place matzo on cookie sheet. break up pieces to fill up whole tray.

i forgot what i was doing

5. heat butter and brown sugar in a pot on low stirring constantly until brown sugar melts (i literally just dumped them both in)

6.  when melted and bubbling (not burnt) turn off pot and pour over the matzos

i forgot what i was doing

7. spread the toffee to cover all of the matzo. be quick because it cools quickly!

8.  put in oven and bake for 15 minutes or until toffee bubbles (do not burn)!

9.  Take out of oven, sprinkle the chocolate chips over the toffee. let sit for 5 minutes or so.

i forgot what i was doing

10.  When chips have melted, spread and cover the matzos.

i forgot what i was doing

11. go ahead and totally lick the spatula. you know you want to!

12.  sprinkle with almonds (or your fave nut). I crushed my almonds in the bag with a jar just to make more of them.

i forgot what i was doing

You should prolly use more almonds than i did. it looks bare.

13.  sprinkle generously (yes, YES!) with the sea salt.

14.  For best results, cover lightly, put in refrigerator for two hours to cool. For funnest results, eat a bunch of it warm outta the oven (swoon!).

15.  Keep away from cat. Everyone will come running when they smell the delish. Fight them off.

i forgot what i was doing

16.  When cool, break into smallish pieces.  Store covered for about a week (so the recipe says).

i forgot what i was doing


i forgot what i was doing


I am happy to report that the fam raved about my dessert. I finally found a dessert I’m good at making!

i forgot what i was doing

I also made a vegan version, substituting margarine with olive oil for butter.

want some?








Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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