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#Hey Tom Corbett stop screwing up our schools

Hey Tom Corbett, Governor of Pennsylvania, stop screwing up our schools.  Cutting teachers and arts programs? That sucks.

If you wonder why there are fewer and fewer good teachers in PA, look around.  The certified teachers in PA have:

  • not been able to find jobs and move out of state
  • have not been able to find jobs and take jobs in other fields
  • lost interest in their chosen career and are just barely teaching

And that? That sucks. It sucks donkey dong.  Getting a teaching job in PA is near  impossible and not only am I competing with fresh faced new graduates (as I used to be) I’m now competing for jobs with seasoned professionals. But the good part? Not only have I invested in my future and stimulated the economy by taking out student loans, now I can’t pay them back because I can’t find gainful teaching employment.  And that? That sucks.  Sucks for me AND the economy.  So…not only am I in deferment but I’m underemployed AND I can’t stimulate the economy with my spending because I don’t have a salary.

But I’m just one person Tom Corbett, what does that matter? Well, alot if you figure I’m not the only certified teacher in PA who is unemployed or uunderemployed.  How many of us unemployed or soon to be unemployed teachers are there in PA? Dunno.  Tens? Hundreds? Thousands?  THAT is not good for PA’s economy.

And you know what? It’s also not good for the schools. Especially schools who already have trouble keeping GOOD teachers; now you wanna cut their salaries or their jobs? THAT sucks.  And I’m guessing that these are in underserved school districts so once again, the community gets screwed.

And that? That sucks donkey dong.

Hey Tom Corbett, stop screwing up our schools.

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