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What can I do? I’m just one person #TrayvonMartin

I’m a mother. I’m a mother of two children. I’m a mother of two African America children.  I’m a mother of a young Black man and a young Black woman, neither of whom will get a fair shake at anything in this world because of the color of their skin.

My beautiful Pumpkin will be ogled by men who objectify women like the ones they see in music videos.  The thought makes me sick.

My handsome #1 son will be profiled and watched and called names and mistreated and mishandled. The thought makes me sick.

But what can I do, I’m just one person?

I can get angry. I can cry.  I can turn off the news. I can educate my children on how to behave in public.

But none of that is enough if one of them happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time;

photo courtesy A Million Hoodies for Travyvon Martin Facebook page


Just like young Trayvon Martin.

And now his mother is without a son. And I can’t even begin to imagine how that feels.

Nothing I do will bring back that child.

But, I can speak up against hate crimes so no other mother has to endure the pain and loss that Trayvon Martin’s mother did.

I can blog.  I can Tweet. I can join groups on Facebook.I can update my Facebook status. I can wear a hoodie. I can march.

And I can vote.



I can vote for public servants who believe like I believe: that human life is valuable, no matter the color (ethnicity, orientation, belief, gender, etc).

That’s what I can do.

What can you do?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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