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My Style Fashion Friday

You might have noticed that PammyPam doesnt post too often about fashion. You’re prolly glad about that.  To be sure, I wouldnt consider myself a fashion maven, but I do like to shop and to look good.

Therein lies the problem.  I get to the store and either I find pieces I like and take them home and they look ghastly or I can’t find anything and feel doomed to wear Mom jeans and baggy sweaters forever.  How will Hollywood discover me then?

In order to become the next young, ahem, fabulous Hollywood ingenue, I hafta ramp up my style a bit because, I’m told, I dress frumpy and boring (according to my teenage kids). But who listens to their teenagers? Only a dummy. But sometimes I do, cuz I realize I get stuck in a rut. And that rut right now? Dark colors. Black and brown, to be exact.

Lemme show you.

Here I am on my way to the opera on a Sunday afternoon.

I'm too sexy

grey (heather) houndstooth pants,

black polka dot shirt (i generally despise patterns),

black suit like cardigan

black flats

I’m too sexy, right?






Next outfit is from December when we’re headed to a funeral.

Natch, black is expected so I’m right at home:

black striped pantsuit (ick dresses)

black turtleneck sweater

black patterned scarf (i’m trying here)

and of course, black shoes (they might even be heels) which you cant see


So wearing black isnt a new thing for me. I apparently even wear dark colors during casual events:

Here I am at the Philadelphia Dog Show.

If it’s not obvious to you, I love dogs.

And i think this little guy loves me too.

I think he’s a Cane Corso and he matches my outfit perfectly:

brown fleece jacket

black turtleneck

Brown corduroys (don’t judge)




Like I said I like dogs and dark colors because here I am again:

this pic is a couple years old, right before I lost my hair, but

see how happy this doggie makes me?

notice anything else?


brown fleece jacket

prolly coordinating dark shirt and pants.



I have, on occasion, tried colors, with mixed results.

here’s me in a red coat.

makes my chin look lumpy.




I’ve also tried wearing color other times as seen here:


How did Johnny D get in here???

He’s so naughty!





ANYWAY, recognize this suit?

How about these ladies?

Yep, SITS Bloggy bootcamp Philly.

Still rocking that tired black suit.

Although I’m pretty sure the pants shrunk in the closet.


you may be asking,



Dont you have ANY non black outfits?

SURE: Here I am in Meami!








So bear with me as i try to put together more fashion posts as I attempt to get more Hollywoody fabulousness.

Watch out world!

I’m hooking up with ma girlz at Fashion Friday, esp Musings of a Housewife!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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