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Spring Closet Clean up

Every season I hafta transfer last season’s items to the basement and bring up the new season’s stuff.  This is a process I’ve done since I remarried and  acquired a smaller closet.  I’ve discovered that this method works quite well because it gives me the opportunity to purge items that no longer make me feel fabulous or were purchased on a whim or don’t fit anymore.  These purged items go in bags and then off to my local thrift store, which is a form of recycling, so I’m GREEN!

Sadly, middle age (and SSRIs)  has kicked in this year and changed my body in ways I never thought possible.  You may remember my post about Lee jeans?  Yeah well that’s what happens when MomSexy turns 45.  Pants shrink in the closet, so while it means more SHOPPING it also means, I hafta wear these too tight pants until i can get to SHOPPING.  Oy.

Where was i?

Oh yeah, spring closet clean up. Now don’t be mislead. I still have pants that fit but when we had that 80 degree weather last week, I was a teeny whiny bit upset because none of my warm weather pants fit. But no matter, this provided me with fodder for an organization blog post!

First, I got out all of my fleece type jackets and set them on the bed.


As you can see, Cleo stepped in to supervise the process.

I sort through the jackets checking to see what fits and if its clean.  The items are then either placed into the donation bag or in the clear storage box.  For storage in the basement.

Here’s the process in full swing.  It ain’t for the faint hearted to be sure! Those are my donation bags.  I hoard collect bags and reuse them for lots of things, mainly for this purpose. HAY I’M ECO FRIENDLY!!

Here’s what the boxes look like:


and this


See that there ?^ that’s my sun hat, cuz when you’re old kinda fair you gotta stay outta the sun cuz sun causes wrinkles!

Ok I don’t know about that, but I burn easily so i needs a hat. Don’t cross me if you see me in the hat; cuz i’m rockin cool.

here’s yet another set of boxes

oopsie daisy, oh Johnny how did you get in there??? silly boy!

So, we’ve bagged up all the donated items and have folded and boxed up the winter items, except for a few light weight sweaters of cotton and cashmere, to go to the basement to hibernate until November. I try to remember to put in a dryer sheet to keep them smelling freshy fresh.

Now the fun begins! We go through the summer stuff that’s been placed on the bed:


we have the warm weather capris and flood pants (or whatever they’re called this season).


here are the daisy dukes bermudas and linen type shorts.

As you can see, Cleo has lost interest in supervising me.  I wonder what she’s found outside?


and finally, we have the pants that need to be tried on.  this part did not go so well.


All of these pants here? Too small.  It seems in one year I have grown TWO dress sizes.  And Cleo flaunts her lack of needing pants while I’m rubbing Crisco on myself to try to get these dang pants up over my hips. Once it’s done, I know what I have to work with.  I do not donate these pants, however, and put them in the closet. Since I am on Weight Watchers, I hope to be able to get into them soon.  So they go to the closet.

The good news?  I have two bags of clothes ready to donate, which is always a good thing, AND I have more room in my closet to buy pants that fit! I feel a blog post coming on…

The moral of the story?

  1. be prepared. many people use trash bags, but I like to use shopping bags cuz I already have them and then the thrift store can reuse them too!
  2. look at EVERYTHING: is it dirty? ew. wash it before you put it into storage. if it’s current season clothing, toss it in the wash so it’ll be clean and ready to wear at a moment’s notice!
  3. make a pile for the dry cleaners and take it ASAP so you know what you have in your closet to work with.You don’t want to try to squeeze into that black suit for your Gram’s funeral because you didn’t know it had shrunk in the closet.
  4. try it on. for real.  what might have fit last year, might be a teeny bit tight.  you dont wanna be caught last minute without pants.
  5. be objective: is it flattering? is it in style? are you REALLY gonna wear it? My philosophy is, I dont care if its a $xxhundred dollar what not. if it’s growing old in your closet cuz it’s too tight/ugly/wrong color/ itchy, why not let someone who really NEEDS it be warm and wear it? Karma, and all.

That’s it, folks.  gonna take my pink sweatpants and look for some warm weather pants in my size.  Stay tuned!

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