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About My Pants

I recently went shopping for new pants.  It seems I hafta go shopping for pants every so often because I often buy the wrong size (too big) and then I hafta get them altered (my seamstress knows exactly how to fix them) or the belt i wear cuts into my stomach and i’m all bunchy.  Yes, that’s a fashion word i just made up: bunchy. It means the pants bunch up in the waist cuz the belt is pulled too tight to keep my pants from falling down.

Why do I wear belts?

Because I hate floppy pants. I hate to have my hiney showing when i bend over or lift my arms. No one needs to see my private undergarments and this low rise business makes me irritable.

Speaking of irritable, I’ve only found a few brands of jeans that fit me consistently and don’t make me look frumpy and bunchy.  One day, while looking in my closet, I noticed I had a lot of the same brand of pants: Lee. So I counted them.

Turns out, I have 13 pair of Lee brand pants.

Light coloreds and denims.

and another group of greys,  browns,  and blacks.

Plus, if you’ll remember back from this post: I recently bought and wore a pair of skinty (skinny) jeans!

That is why, on a quest for a new pair of everyday jeans, I was dismayed when trying on new jeans. My go to size 10s didn’t fit right! I thought it was the cut of the jeans so I tried on a couple different pairs but knew in my heart the truth.  I needed a size 12.  Size is just a number, you say? Maybe.  But since Pammypam was a girl she’s struggled with being too thin so being a size 12 was indeed a conundrum.

What’s a girl to do?

What she’s been trained to do: complain.

I got on Twitter, found Lee Jeans’ Twitter handle and complained.

The results were spectacular!

Stay tuned for more of this exciting story of the shrinking closet!


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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