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I’m a Mama too

While some may or may not call me a mommy blogger; I AM first a mama.  Everything I do revolves around my Mommyness. Even though #1 son and Pumpkin are teens, I still struggle with parenting issues just like parents with younger children.  To be sure, my struggles are slightly different, but the struggle we all have in common?

The Mom Taxi.

I shuttle my kids around the globe just like everyone else.  In fact, one particularly recent Saturday I was working AND taxiing. The weather was yucky, drizzly and cold. I was prepared for the day: Purple cashmere sweater, multicolored scarf, red coat. Makeup and hair done. Even lipstick. (i know, right?)

It started at 9am when I picked Pumpkin up from a sleepover in Schwenksville.

The Mom Taxi

From there, we picked #1 son up at home and headed to Spring House.

Heading east

After our appointment the monsters kids wanted to eat lunch.  We stopped off at Plymouth Meeting Mall.

This is about as healthy as it gets for us

Where I managed to convince the kids that they could eat at Subway rather than Dave & Busters or starve.

From the mall, we headed to Bryn Mawr. Kids were under orders to bring ipods, boosk, nap or whatever it took to get through the day cuz I did not plan on driving them all the way back home.


Mom Taxi: next stop, Bryn Mawr

Got to Bryn Mawr without having to pull over or directions at all.

By the end of the afternoon, the sun had come out and the day was gorgy!

iyampam sunny!

Here comes the sun!

So nice, in fact, that I took my coat off (gasp) in the car!

By the time we had crossed the rubicon, the temperature thingy on the car read



The temperature was 57 by the time we got home and boy was I ready for a nap!


working mother

So you see? We’re all working mothers!







Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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