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I love @LeeJeans!

As I blogged about in yesterday’s post, I did a little shopping and was disappointed with the results.  I had to move up to a size 12 jeans! Blah Blah Blah I can’t believe I’m a size 12  blah blah.

Being trained to complain, I immediately went to Twitter and looked up Lee Jeans.  Turns out, they had a Twitter account and so I tweeted to them. I really expected nothing except a sympathetic ear and maybe a 10% off coupon.

I told them my issue and they were VERY sympathetic and accommodating, even admitting to some sizing issues to the skinny (skinty) jeans I owned.

The spectacular Lee Jeans social team offered to use my measurements and find the best fit for me based on those numbers.

Based on my hip and waist measurements, their Trends manager suggest three different fashion forward styles of jeans, which is just what I want to be:

The Platinum Label No Gap Waistband Trouser

The Slender Secret Bailey Flap-pocket Bootcut Jean

The Slender Secret t Joplin Jean

They also suggested a size 12 or 14 for me, based on the fit of the jeans, because some of the styles fit snugly.



THEN!! they sent me two styles of my choice in two different sizes! Here’s me in the Platinum Label – No Gap  Waistband Trouser, Size 12.


Here’s an alternate view:


See how small me bum looks? Amazing, isnt it? The size 14 was way too large in this style, which I won’t show because it’ll be a photo of the pants falling down. ick.

Did I mention these are a trouser style, which I LOVE for going out at night?  yep. I could also totally wear these on casual Fridays at a job.

Next, here I am looking stunningly amazing in: The Slender Secret Joplin Jean size 14. Can you believe this is a size 14? Nope, me either, but because they have some magic stretchy secret thing going on. PLUS they’re snug, without feeling tight:  I feel good!

Not sure why I’m not smiling. I think this is my serious Vogue runway face.
Like it? The pants, not the face.
And an alternate view: Look how flat my tummy looks! Dontcha love that hand on the hip move? I learned that technique watching the Oscars.
I should have worn a shoe with this, cuz it looks a little long, although I am wearing the medium. Lee pants have 3 lengths: short, medium, and long. I usually get a medium or long depending on what kind of shoe I’ll be wearing with it.
This one is a medium but i would probably wear a flat or a wedge heel with it: I’m not much of a heel girl for every day wear.iyampam
Now for nighttime, I can rock a heel!  But anyway…
This next set is the Slender Secret Joplin Jean in a size 12.
See how flat my tummy looks again? Don’t I look young and refreshingly beauteous? Even though these are a size 12, they still fit comfortably great. I don’t know how Lee Jeans do it, but they don’t feel too tight, in fact, I feel like I could wear them everyday!
Which is exactly
I plan
Now, here I am with an alternate view.
What is UP with my hand anyway? I dunno,but I’m sure liking the way I look in these Slender Secret Joplin jeans! And see how you could totally wear a heel with these jeans?
As you can see, I LOVED working with Lee Jeans: their team is amazingly helpful and sympathetic! I find their prices extremely reasonable too!
I will continue to add Lee brand pants to my wardrobe; if you look back at my previous post you’ll see that they sell more than jeans!
Who knows? When the weather warms up, I’ll have to inventory my SHORTS (gasp) and see if I have any Lee brand shorts or capris in my closet.  I smell a blog post coming up…
Thanks again Lee Jeans for making me feel all Hollywood fabulous!
I’m a customer for LIFE.
Have you ever worn Lee Jeans? What’s your favorite style?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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