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No Sex and the City – Philadelphia Restaurant Week

You may have heard the buzz or seen the paparazzi scrambling for the hottest shots, but yes, The Ladies and I went out for a night of fun during Philadelphia Restaurant Week.

My new all time all time favorite place to eat is Le Bec Fin. Here’s how the night went down:

The ladies and I beat traffic and arrive and hour early are whisked away for a quiet cuppa coffee.  We sit in Starbucks and chew the fat act fabulous.

We stroll fabulously to Le Bec Fin.

We are greeted adoringly by staff: Hello, Welcome, Good Evening, Thank you for coming, My aren’t you fabulous, Hello, Hello, Welcome, Please don’t touch anything.  You know, the usual…

The inside? Off white ceilings, floors, walls, table coverings. Spectacular chandeliers!

The Suit shows us to our table and pulls out my chair.  I try not to fall off of it.

The Suit places our napkins on our laps.  I try not to pass gas dump the contents of my purse on the floor.

Another suit (the sommelier maybe?) provides Charlotte with the wine list.  We fistfight decide between a lovely Reisling and beer something drier.

Sommelier brings out the Maddog 20/20 Reisling and allows Charlotte to chug from the bottle taste it. She approves. Sommelier pours a round.

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and I quietly fight discuss what we’ll choose.

Carrie chooses the fancy schmancy something something salad. The roll guy rolls a blunt brings rolls.

Miranda chooses the same thing as Carrie. Is offered Grabs a roll.

Surprisingly, Charlotte and I order the same thing: Burger and fries Pate with a burgundy colored squiggly sauce on a plate.  Grab a couple rolls from the next table roll guy.

Blah blah blah we are fabulously talking about fabulousness as we drink our fabulous wine.  Glass is never allowed to get empty.

Appetizer comes. Mine looks what the heck was i thinking? tasty! Gonna need to pee more wine.

First course is cleared away in time for The Suit to bring the Main Course grub.

Carrie and Miranda get the runs scallops with brown stubby little things.

Charlotte and I get the pan seared Salmon. Ours is cooked medium cuz I slipped The Suit a fiver asked The Suit if I could.  It was served with teeny weeny beanies pieces of celery and surrounded by bubbles.  Looks fabulous!

Halfway through my salmon I pass gas realize I’m gonna need more wine cuz being fabulous makes one fabulous thirsty. I order a single malt liquor glass of a dry Chardonnay.

Sommelier (yay!) brings me the bottle to chug examine.  I burp approve.

We continue to laugh and drink and eat and be fabulous when The Suit announces its time for the sex dessert.

I order key lime pie, Miranda and Carrie order the creme brulee, Charlotte orders the brownie. We whine and complain ooh and ahh about how beautiful it all is. Then we chow and wash dessert down with coffee.

We are then asked to leave sit around and allow others to partake of our fabulousness.  I check out the bar and the ladies room.

Then the bill comes.  The Suit begs us to leave let him pay for our meal because our beauty outshone the chandeliers.

Reluctantly, we realize the place is packed and the next seating is prolly waiting outside to get in. crying. prolly.

We sashay towards the door.  Everyone asks for my number I do not knock anything over.

I stumble out the door am sad to leave.

We fabulously make our way to Max Brenner for drinks . The chocolate smell is disgusting overwhelming. They sell syringes full of chocolate!

At the bar we are drinking and talking and laughing and being fabulous when a woman next to me asks for my number bumps me. I clock her with Carrie’s high heel shoe smile at her.

this is what i wish i wore.







It was a fabulous night.  Thanks Philly for a memorable evening!







Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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