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the pefect cup of coffee. a tut. en francais

Bonjour mes amis!

That’s french for good morning friends!

If you’re like me, you are always on the quest for a good cup of coffee.  To be sure, if it’s black and hot i’ll drink it, but my preference is good.

i have the most trouble finding good coffee at home. for whatever reason, when i make coffee it’s often hit or miss.

this morning’s coffee was a hit (YAY me!) so i thought i would create a tutorial (that’s tut for those of us in the know) of how this yummy cuppa joe came about.

and the best part?

it’s in french!


because i’m bilingual and i want to share my knowledge with the masses.

and because i just felt like it.


commencer (that’s ‘begin’ or let’s start or something, in the french)

Un (1)

first you need le coffee beans

they must be fresh






deux (2)

second, you need to pour some coffee beans into your handy coffee grinder and grind them.

must be freshly ground or it is le crap









trois (3) you MUST have the official coffee scoop to get the perfect amount of grounds.

the exact measurement is one scoop of grounds per two cups of coffee.

no more

no less.






4 (4)

next you need le coffee filter.

now here is the trick:

put the filter into the coffee maker receptacle thing

pour a little bit of water in the filter and slosh it around to wet the bottom of the filter

yes, yes, do it!

dump the water out and replace the whole thing back in the coffee maker



cinq (5) you must have

monsieur coffee maker

i’m sure other coffeemakers work just as well, but this tut is only for

monsieur coffee maker

pour the COLD water in the proper place


and turn on the coffeemaker



meanwhile, step sept (7)

you need soymilk

and a commuter mug (to keep the coffee warm)

pour some soy milk (approx 1/4 cup) into your commuter mug





huit (8)

put in microwave (yes really) and heat soy milk for 25 seconds

do NOT put the lid on the coffee mug

vingt cinq is 25 in french

and my age






neuf (9) have you had e-neuf of my lesson yet (ahahahaa!)?

add approx 1 teaspon of le sucre to the warm soy milk

i prefer sugar in the raw but whatever suits you is fine, je pense (i think)





and finally, dix (10)

fill the commuter mug until it is approximately 2/3  full of hot coffee:

i add coffee to the soymilk until it is the color of my skin (too dark: too strong. too light: not right)

mixed with the warm soy milk it makes everything the perfect drinking temperature!

stir in le sucre,

put on the lid,


enjoy the perfect cup of  cafe (coffee)!


it’s almost like being in France!

tell me how it went for you!


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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