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If you take down the Christmas tree – A Story

If you take down the Christmas tree on January 18th you’ll trip over things and discover that The Man’s office is a mess and you can’t get to the Christmas storage area.

So you’ll probably want to tidy up his office.

Tidying up his office leads to finding an old pink office chair that can be donated to Freecycle.com

Finding something to donate makes you feel like finding other items to donate.

So you check your craft supplies and find a basket full of thrift store picture frames.  Next to the picture frames you find a bag of old shopping bags, which you decide to recycle.

While carrying the bag of shopping bags to the recycle bin, you trip over The Man’s new snow boots. Tripping over his boots means that there is no room in the coat closet for them.

So you rid the coat closet of a few pairs of his old shoes, box them up, label them and put them in storage in his office.

While in the coat closet you discover that it hasn’t been vacuumed in forever.

So you get out the vacuum and Bailey barks at you nonstop.

While vacuuming the closet you realize that the foyer is dirty as well as the area where the Christmas tree was.

So you vacuum the foyer and the formal living room where you discover partially cleaned dog puke on the carpet.

When you’re putting away the carpet cleaner, you discover your old birthday cake on the kitchen counter which reminds you to take out the trash.

And taking out the trash reminds you that you need to put away the Christmas tree.

The End.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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