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i hate insomnia as much as i hate aunt flo

yep. here i am ranting about insomnia again.  you may remember for a while i was on a loooong rant about insomnia.  if you’re interested, you can visit one of my many posts about insomnia.  she and i have been bffs since i’m 15, which is like 10 or 12 years.

well here i am talking about it again cuz i’m having another bad bout of it.  had trouble falling asleep last night. then i woke up at 3am.  farted around on my phone for over an hour (4:25am). tossed and turned barely sleeping (unsleeping) until people left the house at 7am.

got up at 7 am and did my thing.  by lunchtime i was dragging.  drrrrraaaaggggging.

so i laid down on the couch and covered my face with a blank.  the dog joined me. i did some unsleeping and woke feeling unrefreshed.

what’s the opposite of refreshed? stale? i dunno but whatever it was that’s how i felt.

that feeling stinks because i had plans to meet a couple girlfriends for our annual birthday dinner thing and i wanted to be refreshed and delightful, not tired and cranky.

i went to the dinner (Cheesecake Factory!) and i ate the following:

half of a half a bottle of Veuve Cliquot (my fave) champagne

1 glass chardonnay

1 order of cheesy crab cake appetizer thingy

1 crab cake sandwich minus the bread

1 1/2 cups of coffee

so…here i sit after 11pm with the dog with a full belly (mine, not his) and wide friggin awake.

and my head hurts cuz i’m tired.

but i’m not tired

and i cant stand the idea of doing the insomnia olympics in my bed.  i’m a gold medal champion.

this is gonna leave a mark tomorrow.


and aunt flo? she’s not here cuz i’m missing those parts but that is another story.


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