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Fashion Friday – Skinty Jeans update

Well here we are again at fashion friday!  Believe it or not, i havent worn my skinty jeans since last friday.

why the heck not, you ask?

i’m not really sure, other than it takes too much time to coordinate an outfit around them.

it’s easier to throw on just about anything than to hafta put together an outfit. yeah i know, i’m frumptastic.

anyway, today i made the effort and put together a skinty jeans outfit!

you’ll hafta excuse the flash cuz, well, just cuz and the photo quality isnt that great cuz, well just cuz and here’s the pic:

iyampam skinty jeans You’ll notice a couple things in the pic:

*  Bailey followed me into Pumpkin’s room to make sure i didnt try to leave the house without walking him

* the big old giant flash is annoying

* you cant hardly see my outfit


ok all those things aside, i think i did a better job of coordinating a look. i’m wearing

*my skinty jeans

*a longish sweater with shades of grey (to cover my bootay)

*grey boots with jeans tucked in, thank you very much

*grey matching purse

*grey matching scarf


I ran alot of errands this morning and i was afraid i would be cold in my new skinty jeans, but i was just warm enough. WIN WIN!

how’s your fashion friday going?



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Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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