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Fashion Friday Newbie

You might not know this but PammyPam closely follows the fashion trends.  Sure, I might look like Mrs. Frumpy when I go to work (sitting on the floor playing with toddlers doesnt really require high fashion) or when I’m sitting around the house, but when I go out to functions, I likes to look nice.

I’ve never had good body image and up until just recently I was scary skinny (5’9″ 115lbs). So, the past few years have been about adjusting to my new, bigger, healthier looking body.  No matter what size I am, I have always liked designer clothes.  To be sure, if it’s summer time and I’m just bumming around, I don’t mind wearing Walmart or Target but if I’m going out of the house, it’s gotta be something else. Designer. And it’s gotta be at a discount. But that is another story.

My style has stayed pretty much the same over the years as my body weight has shifted: I like classic, clean, tailored clothes.  I guess you could almost call me preppy from the 80s. A while ago  I worked with a lovely woman who helped me choose my colors and pick out a wardrobe.  You can find that story here. I’m the same coloring as someone really beautiful!

I don’t go much for trends, although every once in a while I like to try new things, but usually I’m unhappy with how I look.

What’s the point of this diatribe discussion, you ask?

Well, today I am showcasing myself as I try a new trend:  skinny jeans.  I vowed I would never wear skinny jeans cuz I didnt think they were for anyone my age.  I might have been wrong.

This Fashion Friday Newbie is wearing SKINNY JEANS!!!! Did you hear that?

I said Skinny.  Jeans.

Or as we call them at my house: SKINTY JEANS.

Yep, Pammypam is wearing skinty jeans.

And you know what the best things are about these skinty jeans?

  • they are Lee jeans, one of only two brands of jeans I will wear
  • i got them at Ross for $9.99 YES. $9.99
  • they are full of that yummy stretchy material

They aren’t too tight and they feel great!

I’m not sold on how I look in them or how to wear them yet, but they sure are comfy.  I’m sure there’s a better way than with a hoodie and a scarf, but I’m working on it.

I cannot thank enough the very sweet @MaricrisG of Zensible mama for answering my Twitter call  for help in mustering the nerve to wear these things out of the house.  Please go show her some love. She gives it right back.

What are your thoughts? Ever tried skinty jeans? Ever tried a new style and loved/hated it? Tell me!

I am linking to Fashion Fridays with Musings of a Housewife.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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