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Blogger Appreciation Day!

I’ve never tried this before (ok once), but when has that ever stopped me from making a fool of myself trying something new?

I’m partnering with one of my gal pals, Kelli at 3 boys and a dog and showing some love to the blogs that show PAMMY PAM some love.

It’s such a good idea to show others that you appreciate when they link to you, i know i try to link to others when i can,

so…where was i?

oh yes, Blogger Appreciation!


to my top 10 (ok 5) referring blogs during the month of June 2011!

They are:

  1. apronthriftgirl sent me 86 Visitors, woo hoo!
  2. google.com  sent me 31 Visitors (Thanks Googlers)
  3. facebook.com  sent me 17 Visitors (thanks Facebookers)
  4. organizewithsandy.com  sent me 15 Visitors (fellow organizers?)
  5. usethegooddishes  sent me 13 Visitors from across the Great Lakes (i love Canada!)

Ok so I know these numbers aren’t ginormous,

but since i’m still an crazy unknown blogger and what not,

i still think it’s pretty neat that i get traffic from anywhere, so


If i could kiss you all, I would.

On the lips.


Please show all my friends some love.




Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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