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Thrift Store SCORE!

yes yes yes PammyPam STILL loves to go thrifting. and conveniently, on Christmas Eve i had to get out of the house that morning so that Santa and his elves could make some magic happen at the address. so i decided to wander around my favorite thrift haunts and discovered many wonderful things:

  • the stores were practically empty
  • they were offering super fantastic deals

i am beyond excited at my haul. why? because i have been wanting a soup tureen and i dont know why i never get things when i see them but i dont. prolly cuz i’m a dork but whatever. i thought maybe there might be one needing a new home. and guess what? there was!

not only did i find a soup tureen i also found some Christmas plates to add to my collection. now maybe one day i’ll be able to set a pretty Christmas table!

here’s the complete collection

a tureen, a few dinner plates and a few dessert plates

they all have the same pattern:

poinsettias with ribbons and a gold trim

you remember that i love an eclectic table setting, right?

i can’t wait to add some gold or white chargers or white round place mats, which will require more shopping i think, non?

here’s another look:

stay tuned for my post christmas holiday haul!

what have you found lately?

i’m liking up at

Apron Thrift Girl

but do check out other thrifters and lemme know if you find some awesome finds!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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