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i lost my gram

i lost my gram last week. no i didnt take her to the mall and misplace her.  my gram died.  to be sure, she was old. 88 in fact. she lived a long and beautiful life. and while i’m sure you’ve gathered i’m not the religious type over here, i KNOW she went to be with her one true love: Jesus.  And boy did she love HIM.  Ever since i can remember my gram was always either: on her way to a church to play the piano for them or was on her way home from playing the piano at a church.  Lucky me, i got to tag along. and boy could she JAM on the piano!!!

of course, as grandchildren do, i moved away from home. several times.

but i never forgot my gram.  in fact, when i married THE MAN, i made sure to do it in my hometown so that gram could be there.

so…in honor of my beloved gram. here’s a pic. out of the vault it’s me, my mum, #1 son, pumpkin and GRAM.  someone pointed out to me that she is holding #1’s hand. isnt that cuuuuuuuute????

do you still have a gram? tell me about her PLEASE!

can i just say that she got the ultimate Christmas present?



did i mention i was out of town for 4 days and although i’m back for at least 5 days, i cant seem to get UNPACKED!!!!!


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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