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How to Survive the Holidays if you Lose your Job

Yep, look at me turning lemons into lemonade again.  And yep, you read that right. I lost my job a week before Christmas.  But this post is not about a boo hoo poor me sob story. Its about using what I’ve learned to help myself or someone else. So here goes:

First, if you lose your job before the holidays, DO NOT CRY. Ok, go ahead and cry if you want to,  but why? Sure, sure you’re out of an income source but look at it this way; you can now finish your Christmas preparations without feeling rushed!

Second, file for unemployment compensation IMMEDIATELY.  I have no way of knowing whether you’ll receive it or not, but filing might make you feel better.

Third (or maybe second), get a hug from someone you like and trust: your pooch or kitty, your spouse or your BFF.  Matters not, really. Let people love on you. You deserve it.

Fourth, get out your journal or start a journal. Write down all your thoughts. Scream, holler, cuss if you so choose and outline every single detail that’s bothering you about this situation: whether you’ve been wronged at work or you were blindsided or whatever. Write it down. Get it all out.  It’s like vomit. It’ll keep coming until you’re done.  When you’re done, read it and agree with everything you’ve said, it’ll make you feel better. Put it away.

Fifth, take a nap or do something special for yourself.  I got my nails done but you could always do something else, but it has to be just for you only. You need to refill your love cup so you’ll have love to give others.

Sixth, go through your budget and see where you can cut back. First of all, take out that income so you see what you really have coming in.  I know, its scary. Feel the fear and do it anyway.  For me, I cut out my Stamps.com account. I haven’t been using it as much as I thought I would and so it was first to go.  After that, look to see if you can defer any college loans or cut back on credit cards payments TEMPORARILY. Every little bit helps.

Seventh, cook a great dinner for the family.  Something they love. They love you and doing something nice for them will make everyone feel good. I made rosemary chicken, crock pot roast beef, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and spinach. And besides, The Man will be the primary breadwinner until (and if) you go back to work so this is kind of a way to pay it forward.  So do it.  Maybe even give him a little sugar if he wants it (wink wink).

Eighth, update your resume.  Start looking what’s out there and seeing if that’s the direction you still wanna go in or if you wanna try something new. By all means, line up some interviews if you can but be sure you know how you’re going to answer the “Why were you fired?” question without going all Oprah on the interviewer.

Ninth, try to enjoy the time off.  Walk the dog.  Pet the kitty. Clean the house. Bake some cookies. Write some letters or Christmas cards or do any of the things that you couldn’t do because you were working so so SO much outside the house!

I’ll post more as I learn it. Meanwhile, here’s this:

Do you have any tips to share?


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