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It’s all so Pinteresting

So you may know that i’m on Pinterest. no big deal right? PammyPam is always late to all the cool parties, but is just glad to finally show up, right?


Just like you, i find Pinterest interesting.

I love love love Pinterest and the app on my phone is a great way to escape for a few minutes when i need a break from the world.

I have three requests:

  1. follow me on Pinterest
  2. help me find YOU on Pinterest
  3. look at the funny things i’ve found on Pinterest
  4. show me some of the things you think are funny on Pinterest.

D’ya think i can use the word Pinterest anymore?

So…here are a few things i think are particularly funny. they make me giggle.i hope you giggle too.

Let’s Do this People (clap, clap)

if you have a cat, you get it

if babies could speak, this is what they’d say

‘nough said

i dunno why she’s with a camel, but LOOK at her face!

they be all like: you need pants to fly (DUH)

if you saw my house, you’d know

and finally

it is. and i’m grateful for it: a chance to start over, drink more coffee,

forget more things, make new friends

listen to music, dance to The Wiggles

what do you like on Pinterest?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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