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I invaded NYC and got lost

Yep, that’s me. got lost in New York City. what’s that, you say? everyone gets lost in New York? Prolly so, but i got lost inside a building. The NBC building, to be exact. Why did I get lost? Cuz I was looking for the loo and if you follow me on FB at all you’ll see my crazy rantings about my trip and discover that where one SHOULD got potty and where one SHOULDN’T.  As for me, the NBC studio building has this underground maze of shops and hallways and deadends that lead to the bathroom.  I shoulda thrown down chunks of bread to find my way, like those two kids did…

Anyway, we walked and shopped and shopped and walked while in New York.

Like this pic? It’s me right before I got lost. Prior to this, we went to Forever 21, American Eagle, H&M, M&M world, and Ellen’s Stardust Cafe.

Here’s a collage of some of the fun.

I highly recommend Ellen’s because, while the food ain’t cheap in NY (nothing is), the entertainment is priceless!

It’s a good time for all and the Malbec isnt too bad either.

I’m certain one of these talented young people will become famous!

Here’s a pic of another singer, Scooter or Skippy:

and…because you never know what will happen in New York, we popped into

St Patrick’s Cathedral and watched a WEDDING!

We also visited the ice skating rink at “30 Rock” and had the girls take the pics of us Moms.  My apologies to the unknown Asian person who accidentally got stuck in our shot.  I laugh EVERYTIME I look at this photo!

 Did I mention I bought a gift for The Man at the MOMA gift shop? shhhhhhh!





Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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