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sundays in my city

i havent played with my unknown mami in such a long time; i’m sure she missses me. i know i miss her like crasy! anywhat, i’ve decided to share with you a typical sunday in my city. my home city, that is. PammyPam’s world.

Why is it a picture of some food containers and what not? Cuz that’s what PammyPam DO on the Sundays! I am a big believer of the bulk food cooking thing. I like to cook a bunch of food and then put it in my freezer so that when i’m pressed for time during the week, i can just run to one of my freezers (i have two) and pull something out.

This particular haul was chicken day. I bought the bulk chicken family pack thing at the supermarket and set to work.  I took half of the chicken and put it in my huge soup pot.

I covered the chicken with water and added pepper and minced onion. I let it boil all day until it fell apart on the bone.

Then i was able to make three meals from that: chicken and dumplings, BBQ chicken, and chicken chilli.

While the soup pot was busy simmering, i got busy with my crock pot.

I put the remaining chickens in the crock pot and used half a packet of lipton (generic) onion soup. added some water and set it on low for 6 or 8 hours.

From that pot I made chicken fajitas (from the package kit) that Pumpkin had requested.  I just took the chicken out of the crock pot, put it in a container, added the fajita seasoning and nuked it for a couple minutes.

If i’ve learned anything from bulk cooking, its to package the food up into smaller containers. i’ve found that using the big ol honking containers makes too much food for us to eat.  there are only so many days the fam will eat leftovers. so i’ve learned to package up the food into smaller containers as you see up top.  then when i pull one out of said freezer, its enough for one or two and NO WASTE (unless it’s yucky)!

how do you spend your sundays?

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