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I’m using the good dishes for Hallowe’en

ok so where the heck have i been you’re wondering? been here but rally rally busy. busy as in i’m busy and i’m tired and then i’m sick and i’m just barely getting by.

good news is, i’m on the mend.

gooder news is…i’m planning my hubs 50th birthday party.

i started planning his party about a year ago cuz i’m always full of IDEAS. i’m like a think tank. but i didnt start moving on it until late last month. ok this month.  ok two weeks ago. The Man’s birthday is Halloween night and this year he’s turning 50. Half a century, which i think is a big deal. translation: excuse to party!  what i didnt count on is him not agreeing to the party unless we do it at home. my our home.

so. after i screamed and carried on and told him how much work was gonna be involved, i sulked. after my last big party (son’s HS grad two years ago) I swore off home parties.  mostly cuz its alot of work. especially since i dont have a housekeeper.  (although i did have a personal chef/caterer) and i’m alot more tired lately.

where was i??

so.  i was having trouble choosing a caterer cuz i sure wasnt cooking things myself.  i can cook. just dont wanna.  i finally settled on what i think will be an interesting spread of mix matched foods from Wegmans.

the menu:

a cubed cheese and fruit tray

deviled eggs

a mediterranean medly (olives and hummus)

spinach and artichoke dip

sliced honey brined turkey platter (can be served hot or cold)

king baby spinach salad


grilled vegetable platter (can be served hot or cold)

i bought some white pumpkins like in this picture here:

  and i also bought some multi colored dried corn, both of which i’d like to use as table decorations. not sure how yet, tho.

and of course, my dish collection.  like my dear friend  CA from use the good dishes, i believe in using the good dishes when you entertain. why? because they are special and so is entertaining. special. see?

the thing is, using the good dishes is also economical and GREEN cuz it saves on spending money on paper plates and putting them in a landfill. ya didnt know Pammypam is a greenie, didja? and that’s…special.

so…my dishes…My good dishes are a collection of 4 or 5 Rubbermaid tubs containing gold and silver trimmed plates, cups and bowls i’ve gleaned from thrift stores.  they make a lovely eclectic/shabby chic look.  toss em right in the dishwasher and who cares if one gets broken? they cost all of 50 cents. some less than that.

problem is, i’m not sure how i want to set up the buffet. i dont want to make it too halloweeny cuz The Man won’t like that but i would like to decorate a little bit. ok, a medium bit. and i’m not the decorator type.

any ideas?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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