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trash to treasure

So a looong time ago (this summer) I saw a post on Teach Preschool about decorating a trash can.  This one was polka dots and tres cute. I, however, am not a big polka dot fan but thought I might put my own spin on it by making shapes or something.  In the end, I wound up making it look like an undersea picture.

And i forgot to take a picture of it.

Since then I’ve moved rooms and the trash can has gotten moved into the very busy potty (that sounds like a book title doesnt it?), and while some of the fish got taken off, I finally remembered to take a picture.

Here it is.

I’m pretty proud of it.

I’m thinking about doing a new one for my jungle themed room. Any suggestions?

Did I mention this was made with Mod Podge! YEP!!!

I am also getting my Craft on here:

I already see some future projects…!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

2 comments to trash to treasure

  • Hi,
    Thank you for following my blog, http://lindaoconnell.blogspot.com.
    I see that your theme is Chicka Boom Boom. Have you made the bottle trees? I’ll post a pic next week. I place 3-4 foam letters and a picture of a monkey reduced to fit inside the bottle, along with a few beads from a chopped up necklace (for noise). I use a permanent markers to draw an upside down palm tree (trunk is at mouth of bottle) and glue on cap. Pass them out when we read Chick-a Boom, the kids jump up with their Ch-a-b trees and shake and rattle and shout “Chick-a-chicka-boom-boom…” Afterwards, I hold up letters and ask if anyone has that letter in their Ch-A-B tree bottle. Kids love it.

  • i love that idea linda, thanks! my littles love anything noisy plus it would take up several lessons making them, right?