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iyampam can cook!

yes yes yes it’s true, pammy pammy doesn’t cook too often, nor does she blog about cooking too often, but she can cook. that is, when she remembers all the ingredients. and doesn’t forget to com back to the kitchen when something’s in the oven, but whatever, right?


inspired by the lovely kimberly riggins at eat chocolate naked, i decided to try her fish taco recipe. FISH TACOS you cry? REALLY? ew!!! i know that’s what you’re thinking but really, fish tacos are YUMMY. they are awesome sauce. i lurve them! they are perfect when the weather is warm or when you are in a warm tropical clime (aka Aruba) and are soooooooo yummy!

my gal kimmy posted a recipe that seemed so easy i was inspired to make them. i, too, was tired of winter food and ready for a break.

Here’s what I did. keep in mind i was going for easy peasy lemon squeasy.


  • box of breaded tilapia (i didnt want breaded but they didnt have unbreaded)
  • whole wheat tortillas
  • container of diced tomatoes from produce (shut up i’m going for easy)
  • fresh salsa from produce
  • Goya yellow rice
  • waffle fries
  • frozen veg
  • bag of salad

In order to get Pumpkin to eat it, this meal will hafta include waffle fries. Ok not real healthy but you gotta pick your battles, right?


  • take off your scarf and/or wig (don’t ask questions)
  • prepare the yellow rice (follow directions)
  • heat oven to 425
  • prep baking sheet. sometimes i use cooking spray but this time I used parchment paper. lay waffle fries and fish fillets on top
  • put in oven
  • mix together 1 part fresh salsa to 2 parts diced tomatoes (this salsa is real oniony so i wanted less of that flavor)
  • bake fish and fries for approx 25 mins
  • place tortillas on a plate, cover with Saran wrap and heat for 15-30 secs
  • assemble and eat

Here’s what I did wrong:

  • dropped a waffle fry on the bottom of the oven causing burning and smoke
  • overcooked the waffle fries
  • dropped the spatula on the floor
  • slightly over cooked the fish, i think 20 mins would have been sufficient
  • forgot to cook the steamed veg

Here’s what I did right:

  • i liked the tomato salsa flavoring, yay!
  • used a little bit of honey mustard salad dressing, yumo
  • timed the meal so everything is done at the same time (thanks to M.O.M. for that lesson!)

Wanna see pics? ‘Course ya do!

here is the assemblage process left to right:

tortilla, salad mix, tomato mixture

slicing the fish fillets

dressing the tortilla

and the finished product complete with

Newman’s Own Honey Dijon dressing

bon appetit!

because summertime is perfect for fish tacos, i’m submitting this via my girl Crystal & Co

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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