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Rules for Preschool

Teacher Tom wrote a great post about the rules in his preschool classroom. The rules were developed by the kids. And they were hilarious! I loved the idea and since I developed the rules in my classroom, I was interested to see two things; #1 if they were old enough to make up rules and #2 what they would come up with.

Class Rules (written by me, dictated by the children)

No hitting

Go Pee Pees

Wash our hands

Walk in shoes

Band aid for boo boos

No biting

Eyes looking

No touchy

Sit on carpet

No more run

No more biting

No more Elmo

No more huggies, caterpillars, Thomas, James

No touching


I think it’s pretty obvious which rules they pulled from the classroom rules that I wrote: No Touchy (can be used for a myriad of things) and Eyes Looking. Most of all the other rules are pretty good, except no more huggies; cuz hugs are good.

What I find especially interesting is that even though they couldnt really come up with a whole lot if different rules, when we are in the classroom, there is no shortage of tattling when someone breaks “the rules” whatever these rules might be, ya know?

p.s. i had to add a new rule just the other day: no knocking down a building you didnt help build. cuz that’s just mean.

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