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how old is too old for an Easter basket?

when my offspring were young’uns they got Easter baskets and we did the whole Easter dress up thing and church and egg hunts, etc.  But once they got to be older I started rethinking the whole thing. I put less candy in their baskets and more non candy items like money, pencils, erasers, etc. But once they got to double digits, mainly teens I really felt silly giving them Easter baskets, especially HIDING them. After all, they KNOW who the Easter bunny is (she likes turtlenecks and cashmere) so what’s the point?

The point is, I figured  it out.  Several years ago we were out of town on Easter. Number 1 son was 13 or so and pumpkin was 5 yrs younger. We were in a hotel room and I didnt feel like lugging all that stuff to a hotel room; I only brought a basket for Pumpkin. At the last minute I decided to give number one son a bag full of candy.  Do I need to tell you that while Pumpkin was happy, number one son (13 or so) was NOT? He referred to his bag as the Ghetto Easter basket, and in fact they still call it that to this day. Strike one for Bad Mommy.

Strike two for bad mommy came today.  I have been sooooo busy and disorganized with new job that I didnt put together a basket for Pumpkin (now 14).  I had every intention of doing it. I even bought the plastic eggs a while ago. Somehow, however, whenever I went shopping for things Pumpkin was always with me and i didnt want to buy her Easter stuff that she could see.  When i say every time she was with me, i mean EVERY time. so what’s an exhausted mom sposed to do?

Somehow time got away from me and it’s Easter eve.  I’m beat and have little in the way of Easter basket fixins. I even forgot to tap the ATM so i could put money in her “basket” (which i forgot to get). Needless to say, we scrounged together some stuff and Number one son, who is home from college for the weekend, gladly took over the role of Easter bunny.

Can i tell you that she was not happy with her Easter basket?  So…while I think 14 is too old for a basket, i get it. Its about the childhood memories and stuff and the happiness and whatnot. So, guess what? I’ll be doing an Easter basket every year from now on, I think.

I suck.

How old is too old for an Easter basket?

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2 comments to how old is too old for an Easter basket?

  • That’s like the question of how old is too old for a Christmas stocking, which tends to be the bigger debate in my family. I guess it depends! Now that my brother has kids, my parents have focused more on the next generation down–I think I’ve been replaced!

    Lately, I’ve been turning it around and sending cards to my Pop-Pop and my aunt and uncle, who used to send me cards and stuff when I was little.
    Kate P´s last blog post ..Catch-Up – Single-Sentence Style