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Girls Lunch Out

This past Saturday, March 5, was my first Girls Lunch out event! I was excited and nervous at the same time, how weird is that??GLO is a group of local mommy fabulousness that meet around the tri state (sorta) area.

Wanna see some pics from the awesomesauce event?

‘Course ya do…

Here I am with the awesome Michelle from Professional Family Manager

I was lucky enough to meet her at SITS Bloggy Bootcamp Philly and delighted to meet up with her again!

BTW, her daughter, who is the same age as my Pumpkin is teen awesomeness!

While mingling, I connected with some other lovelies.

joeyfortman from Moms on the Spot, who loves me by the way,

Chrissy from Mama’s Little Helper, who has loved me since Bloggy Bootcamp

and other random awesomeness pictures

I got some great swag from our wonderfully generous sponsors

did i mention the bartender was a load of fun too?

and he makes the BEST cocktails, woot!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

4 comments to Girls Lunch Out

  • Okay, so I feel like a huge heel for not coming by earlier. My excuse is that this is the first time I’ve been on the internet since GLO. That other activity of my life–motherhood–got in my way. :-)

    It was so wonderful seeing you again! My daughter enjoyed meeting you, too! IKEA was incredible…we bought a few things, but my husband and I are planning a trip there together to look at some things for our house remodeling project. My daughter fell in love with an office chair, and I fell in love with the kitchen cabinets (and the prices). I was surprised that my daughter only wanted to go to a few stores at the mall, although she was impressed by how nice it is compared to our rinky-dink mall where we live.

    We took your advice and called California Pizza Kitchen for a reservation, but they don’t take them. We only had to wait about thirty minutes to get in, but by that time it was already 8:30, so that might have made a difference.

    Hope we can meet up again soon!
    Michele – The Professional Family Manager´s last blog post ..Magazine-tervention

  • YAY! so glad you stopped by and had fun with my suggestions!! no apologies necessary. sheesh.

  • Excellent! What a great time you all had!
    Irene (Reener)´s last blog post ..Calling Dr Drew-Code Red

  • yep reener, it was. so GLAD i pushed past the whole “what if they think i’m a freak” thing and had a good time!