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Pantry Makeover – Before

Inspired by all the amazing pantry makeovers out there, I decided to tackle my own. I am fortunate enough to have a large storage area near the garage that we turned into a pantry (surplus food storage area) several years ago. We installed some simple shelves and while it’s not pretty, it’s certainly functional.  I never really thought much about how things are organized until recently. I definitely think that there was wasted space in there and that it could be better utilized for maximum stuff storage.

Here are some before pics:

as you can see, this room holds a bunch of junk: old turn table and receiver (belong to The Man) my breadmaker that i lost the middle gizmo to.

here y0u’ll see gobs and gobs of cereal (The man) and lots of cans which I discovered, during the process, many were expired. Yay!

here is the part i REALLY hate: the floor. it’s icky and dirty and has crap on it: empty boxes, grocery bags and surplus paper towels. on the floor! ick!

and finally, you’ll see that ma tools are on the lower shelves, which are hard to get to since the mound of paper towels block my toolbox!

So…was busy this weekend putting things together and as a result this pantry makeover led to a kitchen reorganization.

stay tuned for the AFTER, won’tcha?

Regarding Queen of Everything

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