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Pantry Makeover – After!

So the pantry makeover is complete. Sort of. I guess a makeover is always a work in progress, as you find ways to make it work better, right? But in the meantime the bulk of my efforts are complete.  Before I do the REVEAL I want to outline what I learned:

  • do your research first; figure out what you want and if you have the budget/ability to do it
  • always have a back up plan
  • start early
  • purging is cathartic!
  • frequently used items belong at eye level
  • have some fun with your makeover
  • be creative and repurpose items from other areas of the house = save money

Ok now that I’ve said that, I want to make two things clear: #1 this room is by no means PRETTY. it wasnt meant to be. but at least now it’s more functional. and #2 I am blessed to have so much surplus food. this is our food surplus pantry; the room we store bulk items when purchased on sale (The Man’s job). Our main pantry, if you will, in the kitchen pretty much holds our everyday foodstuffs.

So…here’s the before:

icky, yuck unorganized.

to this:

icky paper towel storage was on the floor. now it’s up high and protected from dust by the plastic wrapping! SQUEE!

i moved all my baking stuffs and 4 bags of popcorn into this room cuz we dont use that stuff daily. its in those little plastic bins (dollar store!)

this pic contains all the excess stuff from under the sink (crappy mess) and is now organized.

who knew we had an extra ginormous bottle of dishwashing liquid?

yes, The Man and Pumpkin drink alot of soda.

I bought some baskets at the thrift store for like $.50 which help corral The Man’s tea bags and breakfast bars.

I HATE that I can’t figure out how to organize the cereal. any suggestions?

The Man helped install this doo hickey to help organize the brooms and whatnots.

up top is my fave lil souvenir from Aruba; it says Go Away we don’t want anyway! (giggle)

here’s my doohickey that collects shopping bags turned poop scoop bags (if ya have a dog you know).

i also hung up one of my lunch bags to maximize wall space!

underneath the bag thingy goes the vacuum.

and finally…

on the inside of the pantry door, i HAD TO HAVE one of these shoe organizer thingys.

Turns out, though, that once i put the saran wrap and aluminum foil into it,

i HATED IT. sigh.

oh well. i’m sure it’ll find a use.

the fams has been harangued given explicit instructions to keep this room tidy and organized.


any suggestions on how to improve?

lemme know!

I’m linking to Organizing with Sandy!


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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