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meatless monday

you may know that i’m a wanna be vegetarian/vegan/raw foodist. you may also know that i stink at it. but i keep getting back on that tofu horse and keep trying. anyway, when i CAN remember to eat vegetarian here is one of my fave meals. it combines everything i love: pasta and red sauce. if only i could figure out how to add chocolate to it?

This meal doesnt really have a name, although you could prolly call it pasta primavera. so let’s call it that, shall we?

PammyPam’s Pasta Primavera


Your fave whole wheat pasta (mine is rotini)

your fave pasta sauce (mine is whatever is in the pantry)

frozen veggies (i usually use whatever is in the freezer):  i prefer a mix of broccolli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, etc.

minced (or fresh) garlic

soy cheese

olive oil

sweet onions (or any)


1. in a giant soup pot, saute garlic and onion in pan with olive oil till shiny

2. start separate pot with water to boil

3. pour frozen veg into pot with garlic and onion,  mix and simmer

4. add pasta sauce, simmer

5. cook pasta, 7-10 mins (whole wheat takes longer)

6. drain pasta, dump into pot with sauce

7. mix together, let simmer to thicken

8. sprinkle some soy cheese and enjoy!

in a hurry? here’s the quick and easy way:

1. cook pasta

2. in sauce pan saute garlic and onions

3. add veg and sauce

4. cook until slightly bubbly (OR transfer to microwave safe dish and nuke for 10 mins)

5. add pasta when done

enjoy, dinner in 20 mins!

I am linking up to:  greenback’s gal meatless monday

bon jour or bon appetit or something!

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