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Thrift Share Monday – crochet pillow

You may know that PammyPam loves all things thrifty! I love scoring a great deal, esp linens, books, dishes, brooches, and framed art.  Dunno why I didnt think of it sooner but I’ve decided to start posting some of my thrifty finds and join the growing thrift community. Worry, not, Pammypam still likes to shop at Bloomies, but thrifting is fun too!

So, since #1 son moved to college I redid his room. See the post about it here. This weekend I was out at my fave haunts and I found this adorbs pillow. There were five or six of them, though and I didnt think I wanted all of them.  The pillow is perfect for the blue room as i’m calling it, because the crochet features are delicate for the shabby cottage feeling i’m striving for. for which i’m striving. anyway, the detail is not all ratty which tells me that maybe the pillows were hardly used. either way, i only snagged the one. While i’m on the opposite side of the display a lady comes by and grabs the rest of MY PILLOWS! SHeesh, the nerve!

That’s what I get for not grabbing them all up at once, huh? Lesson learned; which is really pretty dumb of me cuz usually I grab them but since I didnt have a cart (mistake #1) and had to pee (#2) i thought i’d chance it (#3).

But I’m so so so happy with my pillow. it looks great with the room, dontcha think?

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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