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Organizing for Stress Relief

I’m filled with stress. One of the things that stresses me is clutter. Not mine so much as other people’s clutter.  I’ve been following Organizing with Sandy in hopes of decluttering and hopefully de stressing my home and my life. I am linking up to her Mission Monday Link Part and am tackling the Pens and pencils (cue scary music).

Here’s a really cute little galvanized bucket of pens and junk that is mostly left over from when the kids clean out their school bags.

isnt that cute little heart guy adorbs?

so this bucket has been collecting pens and junk for years.

cleo decides this junk has to go…

sandy says to take out all the pens and test them to see if they work.

and wouldn’t you know look what i found from my wedding!

a lonely little pencil sans a cute little wedding bell. oh well…

after clearing out the bucket look at the junk in the bottom: batteries, coins, and crayons (i have teens now)!

score..$.95 which goes in my Starbucks fund!

when all is done, i have an empty bucket which can be used for something else (soon to come)

and i’ve put all the leftover USABLE pencils and pens in my toolbox.

ta da!

i feel stress free already!!

go check sandy out…

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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