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Guest Post: Mama’s Got Flair!

Today I am scared THRILLED to announce that my newest BFF: Mama’s Got Flair is stopping by to share a forgetting story. Hold on tight, it’s a goodie!

When my oldest boy was born, my husband and I had all the good stuff he needed, but didn’t think about packing for his delivery like other parents do. Mainly, because we weren’t actually delivering him, we were adopting him. Sure, we knew he’d need all the same stuff a biological baby would need, but we weren’t prepared for how things unfolded after he was born.

We were fortunate enough to be at the hospital when he was born, but we figured in the evening, we would be going home. And since our little bundle couldn’t leave the hospital for three days, it never crossed my mind to bring a bag with me when I left home at 4AM the morning of his delivery.

It turned out that the maternity ward was pretty empty, so the hospital let us have our own room. We never expected they’d let us sack out overnight with our little dude, so we didn’t pack a thing.

Given the option to stay, there was no way on Earth I was leaving the little guy’s side, so my husband was left with the packing mission. I was pretty comfortable with the idea, because I’m a list maker, otherwise I’d forget where I left my head.

So, I wrote up a basic list:

  • Clothes for me
  • Clothes for the baby
  • A couple snacks for us
  • The baby book.

Simple enough, right?

You’d think so.

When the hubz returned a couple hours later, he looked like he’d been through a war. It took him two trips to the car before everything was in.

He’d gone to the store and picked up a few bags of snacks and goodies, which was cool, but a touch much.

The clothes that he brought for me were so bizarre and completely random, I couldn’t make a single outfit out of it. A simple pair of pants and a t-shirt would have sufficed, but he brought blouses and pajama pants. Um…what? Either he never looked at me before or he just grabbed shit and threw it in a bag. Either way, I spent 3 days in the same clothes. Not hot.

It was obvious that he was completely flustered with new daddy brain, because the move he made with my son’s clothes was even weirder. He literally brought every single stitch of clothing we owned for the boy. He emptied every drawer and the closet into a giant plastic tub and lugged it to the hospital. He said he wasn’t sure what to bring, so he brought it all. Can you imagine what the nurses must have thought when they saw him carrying that thing in?

The baby book…he forgot.

Lesson learned.

For my next two children, I decided to avoid this craziness completely. After the 20 week ultrasounds when I found out I was having boys, I packed a bag and put it in the trunk.

From then on, I’ve never left packing to the hubz again, and I’m pretty sure he likes it that way.

So…here’s what I’ve learned from MGF:  never leave man to do woman’s job? tee hee, just kidding, make the list as detailed as possible, right??


too funny, thanks MGF!

p.s. look at those baby feet, i just wanna EAT them…

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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