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Ozzy, the post office, and me

Like many people, I live in the suburbs. My suburb, is however, in a very rural area. It’s cute, though, and I like it. Sometimes.  Also like many people, I’ve waited until the last moments to try to get to the post office to send my Christmas packages.  Why? Mostly cuz I didn’t know what I wanted to buy and less mostly cuz I forgot (bad excuse, but it’s my life).

Regardless of the reasons, I wrapped the presents and and reluctantly took my hiney down to the local post office.  Now my post office is interesting because I live in a rural town with mostly farms and farmy things and Target. Tucked deep inside downtown Schwenksville is the post office.  It’s not a big operation. Just two windows, one of which is never staffed. The other window is staffed by who locals (and we non local suburbanites) call Ozzy. Or The Dude.

Ozzy is great. He’s prolly a 50 something guy but still wears his hair like his idol, Ozzy Osbourne. There is a photo of the two of them there to prove it.  I’ve heard through the rumor mill that our Ozzy plays in band at local bars, which I think is pretty neat.  Ozzy is also great because he’s friendly. All of the time. And he means it. He also offers advice, which is usually pretty spot on (his advice to me on previous occasions: start playing the piano again; mailing packages through Ebay is a pain in the butt).

So enough of the background. I was petrified as I made my way to the post office because I thought with just one window the line would be ridiculously long. Surprisingly, it was not! I walked right in and up to the counter. I even said to Ozzy how I felt like this was my lucky day. Of course, he didn’t answer me but only gave me the thumbs up because he was on the phone. Talking. The whole time. In my one minute transaction, he processed two priority mail packages, gave me a book of stamps, told me the Christmas stamps were all gone, and called to his next customer.  By then, the line behind me was long.

Saying that the line behind me was long is kind of a misnomer mostly because there is only room for perhaps 2 more people. So, with me leaving, the guy behind me now first, and woman coming into the area with a package, the place was bustling.  No wonder he needed to get off the phone!

My fear of the post office was for naught.  I am just a little scared that the packages won’t go to Pittsburgh but rather to Prague. But whatever, my part is done!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

4 comments to Ozzy, the post office, and me

  • crossing fingers that it will get there in time!
    Cooper and Lola´s last blog post ..Packing for Christmas

  • i’m crossing my toes too…

  • I stress so much over shipping stuff. And it’s really not necessary. I think it’s the loss of control over the package. Once it leaves my hands I can’t tell it to go here or there. I know, I’m weird.

    Now, I used to go to the town PO. They were the most miserable people in the world. I don’t think they knew how to smile. So I switched to the CMF (central mailing facility) in Bethlehem. Besides, it’s closer. I love these people!! They are the nicest and most helpful people in the county! On off days, I’ll stand there shootin’ the shit with them for a while.

    Priority is usually 3-5 days. Hopefully, it got there today. If not, Saturday.

    Merry Christmas Pam!

  • oooh big words and all: CMF, i’m impressed!

    p.s. it got there!