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I normally kick ass on tests

As a lifelong student, I’m used to taking tests. I pride myself on my ability to take and succeed on tests. Recently I took some tests to check my memory function.  Sometimes these tests can be used to detect IQ.  Just for grins I thought I’d list them below.

130 and above:            Very Superior range               (2.2% of the population)

120 to 129:                  Superior range                        (6.7% of the population)

110 to 119:                  High Average range               (16.1% of the population)

90 to 109:                    Average range                         (50% of the population)

80 to 89:                      Low average range                 (16.1% of the population)

70 to 79:                      Borderline                              (6.7% of the population)

69 and below:             Intellectually Deficient           (2.2% of the population)

(taken from Marvin S Beitner, PhD http://psychologydoc.com/intelligence%20%26%20memory%20tests.htm)

To be sure, when taking these tests, I was not looking for an IQ score.  I just found these ranges interesting.  I do not really care what my IQ is.  I believe that the number is pretty irrelevant because it’s what you do with your brain that matters, not what your number is (size doesn’t count). What I was looking for while taking these tests is seeing IF and WHERE there were problems with my memory.  I like to think I’m intelligent because I have a good command of the English language and I can express my thoughts and be understood. I think most people fall under that umbrella of intelligence.  I am also a supporter of multiple intelligences because I think it more accurately shows the breadth of intelligence, rather than if are you good at adding and subtracting.  Also noticed that I’m starting a lot of sentences with “I” so I’m gonna stop doing that. Right now.

The test results will show me where I fall in memory function comparing people of my age and education level.  The tests were administered one on one and lasted several hours.  The types of testing I received was very interesting.  I was tested for verbal comprehension, in which I needed to repeat a list of word pairs, for example.  These word pairs were not pairs of words that usually go together, which made it challenging to remember (book and hair, for example).  My memory was also tested via how well I can multi task and whether I can perform a series of left right turns while counting and hearing different buzzers which have different meanings.  Problem solving with blocks and a sort of memory game with cards containing symbols on them were also part of the day’s events.

It will be interesting to find out how I performed on these tests, cuz I normally kick ass on tests.  I’ve always prided myself on my brain and ability to recall facts and so quite possibly if my results come out inconclusive  that maybe it means I’m just like everyone else, normal.

And where’s the fun in being normal?


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

4 comments to I normally kick ass on tests

  • Firstly, there’s no fun in being normal, so I’m not. Tried it a few years, gave it up for…..uh….individuality…..yea, we’ll call it that. I find your statistics and attention to details intriguing, and not because I display either of these characteristics. I’m just easily entertained, especially if there’s cool pictures and graphs and such. The little doggie is sooooo cute! Looks like the little dog on the Caesars dog food commercials.
    Anyways, good luck on the tests, I guess. But sounds like you don’t need the luck. I used to kick ass on tests, but then I got older and now, not so much! I recently went in to take a certs exam for Microsoft Active Directory Server (yep, nerd here), and failed the test…..after studying for months. Sucks to be me……well that day it did.
    OK, enough about my incredible, glamorous life.
    Enjoying your blog site and will return!
    Theresa Sonoda´s last blog post ..The Good- the Bad- and the In-N-Out

  • thanks for visiting terri and i agree that the term normal is overrated. i guess i should add “” around the world because normal is totally subjective, right?

  • Hey Pam!

    What is normal? Teletubbies-NOT NORMAL
    Barney-NOT NORMAL
    Barbie-NOT TYPICAL
    Will Farrell-NOT NORMAL
    George Clooney-NORMAL, VERY NORMAL :o)

    So when do you find out if you’re normal? I think you’re normal.
    Am I normal? I don’t know. How can I find out?

  • I love ya but i do not like George Clooney. ew. ick. horseface boy. ick. so i guess i’m not normal, right? woo hoo!!