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Elections, immigrants, and stupid people

Election eve reflections

Everywhere I turn there is election coverage. You can’t get avoid being bombarded by radio and TV ads, radio commentary; political robot generated phone calls, real phone calls, etc.  It’s making me sick. SICK.  I am sick and tired of being attacked every time I turn around.  My senses are on overload and my nerves wanna kick something.

Speaking of kicking something, I heard an interesting spot on NPR that made me wonder: why are people so VIOLENTLY opposed or for immigration?  The way I see it, we’re all immigrants, aren’t we? None of us were born in this country.  Ok, well we may have been born in this country but our ancestors weren’t, right? And how is that different? The only people who were born IN this company are Native Americans.  They’re the only indigenous people, everyone else emigrated to this country. EVERYONE else. EVERYONE.

Let’s briefly review immigration in the US:

  • The Norsemen moved from…Norway, ok but that’s Canada so I’ll let that slide
  • The Pilgrims came from England.  Yeah, that’s right, they weren’t born here.
  • African Americans came here from Africa (and brought by force, but that’s another story)
  • Christopher Columbus? From Spain.
  • Italian Americans? From Italy.
  • Irish…Ireland
  • Germans…uh…Germany
  • Etc

So what I’m saying is that with the exception of Native Americans (who get treated like 3rd class citizens in their own country), everyone of us is an immigrant.  To be sure, it is obvious that those of us of different skin shades or who speak different languages are obviously descendants of immigrants (Southeast Asian, Asian, Hispanic, etc) but those of you who count yourselves in the majority (aka European Americans) are descendent from immigrants too.  It’s just not as obvious (whispering: cuz all of you all are white).

So, many people are opposed to immigrants doing what they do in this country, papered or not.  But did the Pilgrims carry INS papers?  Did John Smith have a green card?  Were the early settlers forbidden to work because they weren’t born in this country?  No, no, and no.  America was built on the backs of immigrants. Without immigrants we wouldn’t be the Great Melting Pot.  So why punish them now? They are just doing what the Pilgrims did 300 years ago, right?

Immigrants are ok with me.  It’s the STUPID PEOPLE I would like to ban.

p.s. dogs should DEFINITELY be allowed to vote.

what do you think?

Regarding Queen of Everything

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14 comments to Elections, immigrants, and stupid people

  • I can’t wait for the ads to be DONE. I’m probably not entirely on the same page as you–and I remember a certain angry classmate typing “YOU ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS!” in the middle of a stupid discussion in one of our classes, and it still rubs me the wrong way–but for the most part, I just want there to be a way there aren’t criminals (rapists, drug lords, etc.) coming in from other countries.

    What if cats could vote too?
    Kate P´s last blog post ..In Which I Get Into Trouble on My Day Off

  • I’m tired too of all the political fanfare! My biggest pet peeve are all the signs! Every corner has about a dozen signs…some two or three of the same! Talk about sign pollution!

    I think the cons of immigration is the fact that a certain minority feels that the US owes them. They come over, bring everyone with them, spread the word to others in their country, then when things aren’t the way they think they should be, start squawking that their rights are being violated. And I’m going to mention the language thing. If you come to this country, learn the language! If I was to go live in Germany, I would expected to learn and speak the language. I wouldn’t protest to their government that there aren’t enough signs in the english language in stores.
    Then you have the jobs issue. Taking away jobs from people who were born and raised here. Granted alot of those jobs most people in the US wouldn’t for, but then again, look at the type of job it is.
    Then you have the “discrimination” issue. People immigrating feel it’s their right to have a job whether or not they have the skills. I’ve seen people from other countries get hired over my son only because the company needs to fulfill their EEO quotas. Doesn’t matter if my son has years experience, gotta hire the immigrant.

    These are some of the reasons people are against immigration. It has nothing to do with who was here first. It’s what’s happening now. I think it’s a matter of ” I was born here and didn’t have to apply for citizenship” that takes the claim. Anyone that’s coming over NOW and has to apply for citizenship is considered by some to be the “immigrant”.

    Geez, we could talk about this hours! I’ll get the coffee going….

  • if cats could vote, i think we’d be in BIG trouble. they’re too smart.

  • If only the people who were SOOOOOO opposed to immigration could actually see what would happen if they kicked all immigrants out. Well, who would clean their homes for what they are paying now? Who would cook/prep/clean in restaurants for the price they pay now for a meal? I am not being racist. There are millions of people in the US that don’t want these jobs so immigrants fill those positions for a lot less money than any US citizen would demand if they actually took the job. I am not saying this is the only reason but it is interesting to me that these puffed up politicos with their luxury lifestyles have not thought of this. Aren’t the trappings of the elitist crowd what is most important to the elitist crowd?
    Scargosun´s last blog post ..Celebrate Those That Have PassedWith a Picnic

  • i have thought the same thing Scargosun, many immigrants take the jobs no one else wants.

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  • All very interesting views and ideas. I think in some ways they are all correct. At the end of the day all that matters is how we treat each other, no matter where we are from or the color of our skin. It saddens me that this country is still having struggles with these issues. Hopefully one day, sooner rather than later, this country will wise up to the fact that everyone is different and yet the same and be accepting of everyone equally. Thanks for sharing and have a great, peaceful day :).
    Tanya´s last blog post ..Ignite Your Smile Part 1- Enjoy Your Life

  • tanya, i really like what you said about all that matters is how we treat each other. thanks for the insight!

  • My ancestors were born here because parts of California used to belong to Mexico. I like to say that they did not cross the border, the border crossed them.

  • yeah that’s right, Mami! Let’s not forget about New Mexico, Texas (my fave), and some other border states.

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  • Just wanted to let you know that I linked to this post today.
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