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Do Dreams have meaning?

I often dream.  In color.  I fully believe that many of my dreams have meaning; I just have to take the time to figure out what they mean.  I love hearing other’s dreams as well.  While I believe in dreams, I do not try to take their interpretations too seriously, if the outlook is negative.  My biggest problem with dreams, however, is twofold: #1 mine generally aren’t pleasant and #2 sleeping pills tend to make my already wacky dreams even wackier (if that’s possible).

My dreams usually consist of two themes:

#1 I’m generally running from something/someone/somewhere

#2 I’m generally lost or looking for something/someone/somewhere

According to an article I read in Pysch Central, two schools of thought exist about dreams.  One school professes that dreams help you learn things and the other school believes that dreams are just mish mash of mental junk.  While the latter may be true, I still find my mental junk interesting.  Additionally interesting is the following thought:

“We all live two mental lives. When we are awake it is mostly ordered, rational, linear and bounded by rules, both behavioral and physical. When we are asleep it is chaotic, nonlinear, without rules, often without sense” (Psych Central).  I find this thought interesting because I think I am always pushing the boundaries in my own life of order, rationality, rules, and linear thought.  The idea of a life that is free of rules (except my own), chaotic (created by me) and nonlinear is appealing.  I generally run around “thinking outside the box” and tell The Man to stop being so rational at me.  I guess you could say I think of myself as a creative free spirit trapped in the body of an introvert.

Of course at this very moment you’re prolly thinking I am nuts. Maybe I am.  But I do know this:  in a world full of violence, hatred, rules, rules, and more rules, a little break from this could be a relief.  Of course, the problem with my dreams is that mine are not usually happy, but I try not to let that bother me.

Maybe one day I’ll find the world I belong in.  It’s prolly Sesame Street.

What do you dream about?


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