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Another weird dream

I had another weird dream last night. I really needn’t say another cuz most of my dreams are weird.  This one, I think may have meaning.  This dream was a dream within a dream sort of thing, which I’ve had before (I’m reminded of the Kubla Khan dream).  At first in this dream I was watching a movie or play of some kind.  It was a period piece from the 1960s. I remember commenting on how the performance was fine but the costumes weren’t consistent with the period.  I can vividly see a woman in a halter dress (a la Marilyn Monroe’s famous pic) but the dress was powder blue with white polka dots.  Another woman I remember seeing was wearing a shiny, tight black pleather dress.  She had shiny black hair that she wore in high pigtails like a little girl.  And too much make up.

From there the dream turned into me being a younger person, possibly a teen.  I was a foreign exchange student, from France.  I remember sitting with a young man, possibly a love interest and we were in class, I think.  I was participating in class in English.  Then somehow magically I was driving by myself in a van on a dark road.  For some reason I had to pull over and get out of the van.  I entered a building that looked like a house.  I might have been either going to the bathroom or asking for help.  Anyway, I went through a series of doors and once I returned from the bathroom or whatever I was doing, I tried to find my way back out the same way I came.  Instead I got turned around and confused.

As I’m trying to exit the house, I open the wrong door that takes me outside underneath a freeway of sorts in daylight.  Naturally I’m scared because I do not speak English (I’m French, remember?) and the people around me look ominous.  I try to use my cell phone but because I’m under the freeway (sort of like a subway system) I don’t get reception and can’t call for help.  The people start noticing me and come toward me to hurt me (catcalling sort of thing).  I get scared and run across the freeway (don’t ask) and run into the hotel (which looks very much like an exclusive hotel I saw while on vacation in Aruba in real life).

That’s when I woke up.

I cant figure out what it means, if anything.  Thoughts?


Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

Love is closed.