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What kind of Music do you like?

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but I love music.  I have it on all day. I can’t live without it.  Classical music is my favorite because it calms me down, helps me stay focused and generally gives me a peaceful outlook.  And sometimes when I’m suffering from a stressful day or experience, ONLY classical music can help.

Recently, while listening to my local public radio station they got me thinking.  They were having their pledge drive and wanted people to put a value on the service they provide.  I’v been a member for a few years and figured that if I listened or watched anything else that I THAT much I’d hafta pay for it (think: Cable, Netflix, HBO, etc).

So my thoughts were: how much time do I actually spend listening to my fave radio station?  Let’s see. The radio in the kitchen usually goes on anytime after 6:30 AM and goes off around 7pm.  So that’s about 12 ½ hours, right? Granted, when I leave  the house I turn the radio off, and may be gone a couple hours or more, so you can knock 2 ½ hours off just for S&P.  So that’s 10 hours.  I don’t listen to classical music in the car cuz I don’t want to be too relaxed when I drive. I need to SING.

So far we have an average of 10 listening hours a day, five days a week, which equals 50 hours, right?  I listen far less on the weekends because the fam generally have the TV on during the day plus we are out of the house a lot on the weekends.  So for Sat/Sun listening I’ll give it approx 4-6 hours because I can only listen in the wee hours (6-9am). Add the six numbers to the 50 and that equals 56 hours a week of classical music.  Wow!

What do you listen to?

p.s. if you’re wondering the the pic of johnny depp has to do with anything. Nothing. i just likes looking at him. oh yeah, and he’s playing an instrument. so…music. yeah.

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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