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Sundays and pets

Yeah so I havent posted in a few days but that doesnt mean i’ve been silent or not busy. oh no no my friend (cuz i know i have at least ONE reader {waving}) i’ve been facebooking and tweeting! Sometimes i find that i need to communicate through different medium (is that plural?) and as an INTROVERT tweeting and facebook work really well for me!

anyway, today was a beautiful day and i had to get out. in it. much to The Man’s chagrin, I dragged him to the SPCA to look at cuteness.  Surprisingly, he fell in love with a little white kitty. dunno why, go figure. mosty importantly, I fell in love with two doggies!

the first object of my affection was a tan amstaf (that american staffordshire terrier aka pit bull for you not in the know) named Hunter. and boy was he a cutie pie! when i asked to play with him, though, i was turned down, can you believe it? because these dogs get a bad rap, they are not allowed to be placed in homes with other dogs. and as we all know, i have Bailey Big Dog (http://baileysdogdays.blogspot.com/) who is the first love of my life. granted, pain in the neck sometimes, but whatever.

not wanting to be deprived of playing with a pooch, i moved on to a lovely little white lhasa mix called Koby (although that name would HAVE to go).  Had some fun playing with Koby, but The Man wasn’t sure about bringing another little YAPPY dog home.

so we left empty handed.

but at least i still have this guy. maybe he”ll get a chance to be a mama to a kitten. maybe not. meantime. he has his Rubik’s cube.

do you have a pet? tell me!

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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