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smart people drink more alcohol

Smart people drink more alcohol and I have the figures to prove it.  Not only do smart people drink more alcohol, smart children become smart adults…who drink more alcohol.  This is true in both the UK and the US.  Sure, you’re prolly thinking that smart people have smart jobs and they go to smart people functions that require them to drink more alcohol.  But no, that’s not the case.  Smart people drink because they are smart.

You’ll notice there are two charts.  The first chart represents the UK. You’ll see that they have lots of smarties over there who are drinking a lot more than their dull counterparts.  The second chart represents us over here in the US.  You’ll notice that we have slightly fewer smarties drinking alcohol and slightly more dullards than the UK.  I’m sure this is because they have British comedies and we have…The Jersey Shore.

It must also be noted that because these smarties are drinking heavily, there is also a chance that they will engage in binge drinking and getting drunk (not smart).

I read an article on Discover.com (read it for yourself here: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2010/05/people-of-class-drink-alcohol/) in which a really smart person interpreted some statistics (I am always a little leery of interpretations other than my own) that showed that not only do smart people (as defined by those with bachelor or graduate degrees) drink more and the smarties who scored high on a vocabulary test drank way more than the dullards.

Interestingly, studies in the UK show that smart women drink almost twice as much as non smart women.  And they’re also more likely to have a drinking problem.  Unlike the earlier study this study implies that smart women may be exposed to more advantageous economic situations that encourage drinking.

And finally, we must wonder, why do smart people drink more alcohol? Well, because eons ago people got drunk by accident when eating fermented fruits.  The idea of consuming alcohol on purpose is a relatively modern concept, from about 6000 BC, which means humans had to be smart in order to figure out how to make beer and wine.  Ok, but really, why do smart people drink more alcohol?  Are they troubled by the world they see and need to drink to escape from it?  Maybe.  Is alcohol just so yummy they can’t stay away from it? Possibly.  Do smart people go to fabulous parties in which fabulous drinks are served? Not sure.  Do smart people have more discriminating palates and prefer alcohol to sody pop? Prolly.

Many of the previous facts were gleaned from  this article: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/201010/why-intelligent-people-drink-more-alcohol, which you might want to check out ifn you need to see for yourself.



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