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How not to text

I love to text. I love to get them and I love to receive them. Way more than I like talking on the phone. I much prefer in person talking. Anyone who knows me knows I would rather receive a text than a call.  My love of texting and my advanced degrees however, do not work well together because even though I am a stickler for grammar in real life, in the social media world, not so much. Why? Dunno. Prolly cuz I operate on my Droidy with my big ol thumb and I hit the wrong buttons. Plus, I am forgetful and easily distracted.  These texting practices drive my kids CRAZY!

The following are some examples of a thread between my oldest (who is off at college) and me.  BTW for S&G we’ll call him #1 and me P.

These first three are my responses he forwarded to me to show me how unreadable my texts are:

P:  What train you. Catching time???

P:  She’s getting a relaxer do is like to pick you up while

P:  Benevolent this us Angelica

Now these are a whole threaded conversation ( I have not edited spelling, grammar, punctuation, or anything)

P: Omg I just killed the biggest spider in history.

#1:  Omg where? How big?

P: On wall neT front door

#1:  Were you scared?

P:  F yeah

#1:  Hahaha lol I love you

P:  What’d I do?

#1:  You make me laugh

P:  I wasn’t trying

P:  What train you catch cuz I’m at gelly’s game

#1: Idk I’m on the website now.

P:  Luke 630 or 7

#1: is that what time the game ends?

P:  No buy I need time to drop her off and get to station

P:  Ok she done tale earlier train is ok

#1:  English

P:  Take an earlier train cuz A—is done game

P:  Norristown?

#1:  Yeah

P:  Oh are you

#1:  What?

P:  Nuttin

Here is another thread later that weekend:

P:  What train u want take

#1:  The one at 7 something

(we take him to train and miss it, so he’s waiting for another)

#1:  Lol wanna know what’s messed up?  A train came by but it was only to drop people off so that lady and I got our hopes up for nothing.

P:  Outbound train

#1:  You think I have time to stop at McDonalds?

P:  No

P:  Stay there and be hungry catch train eat on campus

#1:  I have to pee

P:  Miss you train you in trouble

#1:  Ok I’ll wait another hour

P:  Do that

#1:  I’ll go in woods

P: Ick

#1:  Here

P:  Yay

(He arrives back on campus safely)

do YOU have any weird texts to share? DO tell!

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